A Visual Journey Through DMT, An Ongoing Project

This post is so rated R, XXX. Trigger warning: everything. Try not to vomit.

I started collecting images to describe my DMT experience. The post was halfway deleted. Later, I came across this fantastic article “A Try at Formalizing a Progression of a Typical N,N-DMT Trip” from Psychedelic Community. The images…you need to see the images.

What I’m trying to say is I tried to do my own thing, it didn’t work out well, so read the awesome article above to get a chronological progression of a DMT trip with rich descriptions and images. I’m a bit miffed that half my post is gone, but there are some gem parts I will leave below.

The Donut: My Toroid Home

Everything turned into a toroid. I was inside the torus. Or as you may know it, a donut shape. I lived inside the torus. I saw the furnace. I saw the mechanics, the gears. I saw the machine that fed reality. I was the purest reality. I saw the purest reality. I was looking at and attempting to define what I saw: God, creation, the universe, imagination, creativity embodied, the furnace, the father, the Dragon. Inside these fires is the origin of everything. It is energy, pure energy, harnessed and unleashed. Do you know how difficult it is to stay grounded inside of a donut? The green toroid is exactly where I became stuck. This is where I saw the furnace and lived for a while. I couldn’t get out, but somehow reality ripped in front of me.

Image by TheDigitalArtist at Pixabay
Image by TheDigital Artist at Pixabay
Image by TheDigitalArtist at Pixabay

The DMT Dragon is…Female? Here she is feeding one of her disloyal subjects

Image by ???



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